Blues in C · Tenor Saxophone · 7 Steps to the perfect Blues-Solo!

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Blues Improvisation · 7 Steps to the perfect Blues-Solo!

Here I will give you different approaches to improvisation over the blues. I systematically go about that, meaning that I start with a very simple technique and then get more and more complex. I use the simple blues form. You can then transfer the system to any other blues or even song.

For a better understanding of what I'm doing here, I give you the functions of the individual tones in relation to the chord being played at the moment underneath the notes. With the Blue-Scale, this system deviates, because here the chords can be ignored.

Including: 1 Pdf with explanations, the complete solo, all dominat-seventh chords and Blues-Scales in all keys, a listening sample for each chorus, the complete solo and of course a play-along for playing the solo by yourself!