IIm7-V7 Swing Style

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IIm7-V7 in all keys (Swing Style)

This playalong helps you to practice the IIm7-V7 chord progression in all 12 keys!
Included are 12 tracks in mp3 format.

Here you generally have 2 options for practicing:

1.. Improvisation beginners: just play the major scale on degree I (ionic scale) of the song and try to find nice melodies. The best way is to put the root in the middle of your lines, in the beginning (start and end your phrases with the root!)

3. For the advanced player: only play chord tones in the beginning, then tensions (9,11,13) thus internalizing the „turnaround" in all keys.
After that, try to build in the b3 in major chords and the b5 in minor chords. That will give your melodies a bluesy colour!

These playalongs are in medium tempo, so that the beginner could easily play along with them. If you would like to have them faster or want to leave out one instrument (bass players, piano players or drummers) just send me an email and tell me your wishes!